The Stigma of Domestic Violence
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A domestic violence charge carries a social stigma with it that can be damaging to a person’s reputation even if they are never convicted. That’s why anyone facing such a charge needs the services of an experienced and competent lawyer before ever entering a Colorado courtroom. Defense attorney Kimberly Diego is a knowledgeable domestic violence lawyer in Colorado who can not only defend you against the criminal charge but can also help you to clear your good name and repair your reputation.


The reaction to a recent arrest of a domestic violence suspect was indicative of the general public reaction to such allegations with one neighbor commenting: “This is very unusual for this neighborhood, and domestic violence is just not what we are about.” The inherent judgment in her tone and the implication that somewhere in Colorado there are neighborhoods that are about domestic violence is illustrative of the public stigma that accompanies any suggestion of domestic violence.


To avoid being damaged by the shame that can accompany a domestic violence accusation, as well as to avoid any of the legal consequences of a domestic violence conviction, a lawyer familiar with Colorado’s laws regarding such matters is essential. Only a qualified lawyer such as can be found at the Law Office of Kimberly Diego in Denver, Colorado can protect the rights of a domestic violence suspect while ensuring that the very best defense possible is being developed. Do not let the stigma of a domestic violence accusation or the affects of a conviction destroy you. Contact the Law Office of Kimberly Diego to ensure the expertise of an accomplished domestic violence lawyer in Colorado.


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