Aaron Hernandez Held Without Bail
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A case receiving significant media attention this week is the case of former Patriots’ player Aaron Hernandez, who now faces murder charges in the state of Massachusetts.  He is being held without bail.


While bail is possible on a charge of murder, it is unusual.  Mr. Hernandez’ attorney advocated for a bail being set, arguing that Mr. Hernandez had a clean record, was a resident of the county in which he was charged, a homeowner, and the father of an eight month old child.  His attorney also argued that he should not be treated unlike other similarly situated defendants simply due to his celebrity status, or the media attention being paid the case.  Also, he argued that Mr. Hernandez posed no flight risk given his ties to the community and his not running despite the significant media attention paid to the case .


The Judge ultimately did determine that the facts laid out by the prosecutor outweighed any arguments made by Hernandez’ attorney.  The prosecutor did lay out the case in significant detail, and being held without bail is not surprising in any case involving a charge of first degree murder.