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As the definition of what constitutes a sex-crime continues to evolve, and awareness about just how common true sex crimes really are remains heightened, it seems accusations are flying, and regular every day people all over the country are getting caught in the cross-hairs.


In Colorado, just this past fall a North Denver court upheld a federal ruling that a local ordinance on women appearing topless in public


Everyone makes mistakes. If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, though, you have to carry a reminder of your mistakes with you in the form of a criminal record. It’s something that can make it harder to do things like get a good job, find an apartment, and even take out a loan.


Having your name on the sex offender registry is like that


If you are charged with a sex crime in Colorado, you will suffer many consequences you may not even know about. Obviously, there is a decent chance that you will have to serve a prison sentence and be put on probation. However, those are just the beginning of your consequences.


If your sex offense is one that qualifies for the sex offender registry, completing your criminal sentence is


Keeping people behind bars has an impact well beyond the actual criminal offenders and their loved ones. In fact, every taxpayer in Colorado is giving some of their money to fund public prisons. Specifically, it costs tens of thousands of dollars to keep a single person in jail for one year.


Due to this high cost, Colorado has made a number of moves in the past few years


After being charged for a sex crime, you may feel frustrated or confused. Many people who believe they engaged in consensual sex are charged, and the definitions and penalties surrounding “sex offenses” and “sex offenders” can be broad and hard to grasp.


Below we will explain the basics of Colorado’s sex crimes laws: what sex crimes are, the laws that make penalties extremely harsh for convicted sex offenders,