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Drug crimes are taken seriously here in Colorado, but recently the Denver Police Department has taken drug crime consequences a bit too far by actually banning people from city parks.


In September 2016, the city of Denver issued a directive stating that Denver Police Department officers could ban anyone accused of using drugs in a city park or on the Cherry Creek trail for up to 90 days.


Back in February, Jeff Sessions stated that there was “more violence” around marijuana.

He’s not the first politician or member of law enforcement to make these types of claims, and numerous others have followed suit. Just a few weeks ago, District Attorney Dan May argued that marijuana was “the gateway drug to homicide in our community and across our state.”


Out of context, his comment sounds pretty ridiculous,

Opioid use, abuse, and addiction are currently at an all-time high.


To really put things in perspective: overdosing on drugs is the leading cause of accidental death here in the United States. Where does opioid addiction fit into that? It is responsible for nearly half of these deaths. In raw numbers, of the 52,404 fatal drug overdoses in 2015, 12,990 deaths are related to heroin, and 20,101 are related


The everyday items that play a part in drug crimes are very important to law enforcement officials. Because of this, they are legally allowed to confiscate items such as cars, homes, and cash that could have been used in the drug crimes.


If an item like a phone is used, not only will that item be confiscated… it will also add more criminal charges to the individual’s record.


There are plenty of things that are unfair about the way that Colorado handles drug charges and convictions. Nonviolent drug offenses can put you behind bars for longer than some violent crimes. Drugs associated with certain minority groups come with harsher penalties than similar drugs more commonly used by the majority – and statistics have long shown that, regardless of the type of drug charge – minority groups are