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Law enforcement officials conducted several raids of illegal grow ops in Colorado in the past month and a half. In addition to firearms and money, officers confiscated over 300 kilograms of dried marijuana and more than 20,000 individual plants. They also arrested 32 individuals for ties to illegal marijuana growing operations in Colorado.


The Department of Justice reports that six different major covert growing operations have been


As Colorado’s prescription drug abuse problem continues to grow in severity, instances of prescription fraud are becoming increasingly prevalent.


Prescription fraud is a drug crime that involves obtaining prescription drugs in a deceitful, misrepresentative, or illegal manner. In Colorado, prescription fraud goes beyond forging prescriptions to include an array of other criminal actions related to prescription drugs.


We’ve explored seven of the most common examples of prescription

Last month, 34 people were arrested in what authorities are calling the largest and most complex drug sweep in Colorado history. The operation netted 273 pounds of heroin, 31 pounds of methamphetamine, and 25 pounds of cocaine.


The two-year operation was conducted by the DEA’s Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force, and involved IRS agents and prosecutors from US Attorney John Walsh’s office.


The investigation targeted a family-run

In 2012, voters in Colorado and Washington made history by voting to pass initiatives that made the recreational use and sale of marijuana legal. These were huge victories for marijuana legalization advocates in these states and across the country, but whether or not the rest of the 48 states will follow Colorado and Washington’s lead remains to be seen.


Today, federal law still considers marijuana—both for recreational and medical

What would you do if you were a law enforcement official holding 10 convicted criminals and you only had space to keep five of them?


You may have heard that our state has a problem with overcrowded prisons – a problem that taxpayers are asked to shoulder at great cost. But even if you know about it, you probably aren’t aware of how severe it is. According to the