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When you think of big drug crimes, something resembling the plot of Breaking Bad may enter your mind. You might imagine large-scale drug trafficking rings of heroin or cocaine that are run by violent drug dealers who live a lavish life in secrecy.


Does this really match the reality, though? Sometimes. Not all drug crimes involve dealers making and selling illegal drugs, however. Drug diversion is a crime


When we talk about the sentencing guidelines for criminal offenses in Colorado, they’re just that – guidelines. Aggravating and mitigating factors, as well as the amount of charges and a judge’s own discretion, all work together as factors that make up the final sentence.


At the federal level, these rules are a little different. One of the biggest policies that affects sentencing at the federal level is mandatory


After two years of a federal indictment hanging over their heads, FedEx has received some good news: drug trafficking charges against them have been dropped.


FedEx was indicted in 2014 on charges of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, conspiracy to launder money, and multiple other counts. They pleaded not guilty.


The crimes allegedly began in the early 2000s when FedEx started shipping drugs (strong sleep aids, painkillers,


Colorado has been given a spotlight in national news for its legalization of recreational marijuana, but by focusing on this one drug, other issues within the state have been swept under the rug.


Ignoring the abuse of other drugs in Colorado means turning a blind eye to an epidemic in our state. When it comes to prescription drugs and opiate abuse, Colorado has a big drug problem. And


With recreational marijuana being legal here, many Coloradans might forget that marijuana is the only legal drug. Other drugs and controlled substances are still against the law.


Some might hold out hope for the legalization of other illicit substances – but they shouldn’t hold their breath. A recent poll shows that when it comes to other drugs such as LSD, mushrooms, cocaine, heroin, meth, MDMA, and ibogaine, Americans