Category: Drug Crimes

Opioid use, abuse, and addiction are currently at an all-time high.


To really put things in perspective: overdosing on drugs is the leading cause of accidental death here in the United States. Where does opioid addiction fit into that? It is responsible for nearly half of these deaths. In raw numbers, of the 52,404 fatal drug overdoses in 2015, 12,990 deaths are related to heroin, and 20,101 are related


The everyday items that play a part in drug crimes are very important to law enforcement officials. Because of this, they are legally allowed to confiscate items such as cars, homes, and cash that could have been used in the drug crimes.


If an item like a phone is used, not only will that item be confiscated… it will also add more criminal charges to the individual’s record.


There are plenty of things that are unfair about the way that Colorado handles drug charges and convictions. Nonviolent drug offenses can put you behind bars for longer than some violent crimes. Drugs associated with certain minority groups come with harsher penalties than similar drugs more commonly used by the majority – and statistics have long shown that, regardless of the type of drug charge – minority groups are


When you think of big drug crimes, something resembling the plot of Breaking Bad may enter your mind. You might imagine large-scale drug trafficking rings of heroin or cocaine that are run by violent drug dealers who live a lavish life in secrecy.


Does this really match the reality, though? Sometimes. Not all drug crimes involve dealers making and selling illegal drugs, however. Drug diversion is a crime


When we talk about the sentencing guidelines for criminal offenses in Colorado, they’re just that – guidelines. Aggravating and mitigating factors, as well as the amount of charges and a judge’s own discretion, all work together as factors that make up the final sentence.


At the federal level, these rules are a little different. One of the biggest policies that affects sentencing at the federal level is mandatory