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The War on Drugs is still alive and well in America, even with the legalization of recreational marijuana in over a dozen states – including right here. Weed might be legal, but lots of other drugs aren’t, and even first-time possession charges could result in jail time or fees.


If you are caught with drugs in Colorado, however, you won’t face just one set of penalties. The specific


Three people were recently arrested in Longmont for allegedly intending to distribute cocaine. The arrests were made after a two-month-long investigation by the Boulder County Drug Task Force.  All three suspects face felony charges for suspicion of unlawful cocaine possession with intent to distribute


The investigation was initiated when an informant gave information about a potential cocaine dealer in the area. Undercover officers then set up a sting



Back in 2013, Colorado legislators decided that trying to incarcerate their way out of a major drug problem was the wrong way to go. Too many people were being sent to prison essentially for being drug addicts and getting caught, and it wasn’t helping. What they really needed was treatment.


So they passed a bill with incredibly noble intentions. It overhauled drug sentencing, prioritizing available prison space


Drug trafficking is one of the most confusing legal concepts out there. As most people understand it, trafficking means moving something from one place to another illegally.


So why then were six men recently indicted for being involved in a drug trafficking ring after receiving heroin from outside of the state? Wouldn’t they have had to attempt to transport those drugs somewhere else for drug trafficking charges to


Drug crimes are taken seriously here in Colorado, but recently the Denver Police Department has taken drug crime consequences a bit too far by actually banning people from city parks.


In September 2016, the city of Denver issued a directive stating that Denver Police Department officers could ban anyone accused of using drugs in a city park or on the Cherry Creek trail for up to 90 days.