When Things Get Messy, a Denver Criminal Attorney Can Help
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The assault trial of Jeffrey Campos, former Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce CEO, illustrates why it is necessary to have a good criminal attorney in Denver at your side when facing a criminal trial in this Colorado municipality. According to the Denver Post, Campos’s criminal attorney has argued that Campos is clearly an adulterer who may not have exercised the best judgment, but that does not make him a criminal.


The jury in the Denver courtroom has heard more than three days of testimony in the case that alleges that Campos assaulted Jennifer Reins, a Denver real estate broker, during their heated break-up last year. Campos’s attorney has countered that it was Reins who first assaulted Campos after the two had spent several hours arguing in his car last July. The criminal attorney has argued that Reins was a scorned woman desperate to continue the relationship when she aggressively attacked Campos in the car.


Campos’s attorney was able to get testimony from the father of Reins’s twin daughters admitted into the court in which he claimed that Reins is a scary and violent woman. The father currently has custody of their 14-year-old children.


Regardless of the outcome of the Campos trial, it clearly demonstrates the need for having a high quality Denver criminal attorney at your side whenever facing criminal charges in a Denver court of law. If you have been arrested for a criminal offense, you need the expertise of a qualified criminal attorney at your side. Contact a criminal attorney in Denver who can thoroughly defend you and protect your rights.


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