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Many storeowners, facing economic difficulties and reduced profits, have turned to spice to supplement their business incomes. Websites selling spice to these storeowners emphasize the legality of their product, which they refer to as herbal incense or herbal smoking blends, misleading storeowners into thinking that acquiring and thereafter selling the product would be a quick, easy, and safe way to earn some cash.


In fact, synthetic compounds commonly found

Homes or apartments often are occupied by more than one person. When can an individual consent to a search of a jointly occupied residence? In the past, the Supreme Court has held that any person who is a joint occupant of a residence can consent to a law enforcement search of the shared residence. However, if the co-occupants are both present, and have a disagreement as to whether to let

In Colorado, there is a lot of confusion over what is and is not legal when it comes to marijuana.  With the proliferation of medical marijuana and now recreational marijuana stores, this confusion continues to grow in the public.  I often speak to individuals charged who are confused because they thought whatever they did would have been legal.  I hope to clarify some of this confusion with this blog posting.

If your friend were hit by a car while they had the right of way in a crosswalk, you most likely wouldn’t hesitate at all about calling 911 – you’d know that you needed to get them medical attention as quickly as possible. But what would you do if your friend overdosed on an illegal drug? Sadly, many people hesitate or try to provide home care in these situations because

A commonly held misconception is that marijuana is completely legal in Colorado, and that all activities concerning marijuana are therefore also legal.  Also, whatever legal status marijuana may have in this state does not negate the fact that marijuana remains a Schedule I drug as classified by the DEA.


Today, news broke that federal law enforcement agents are involved in numerous enforcement actions in Colorado.  While little information beyond