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One of the results of the War on Drugs is that most drug crimes carry an incredibly severe mandatory sentence – especially when they are tried at the federal level. Because of this, it is important to understand how a charge could potentially get federal attention instead of being fought in state court.


In this post, we’re going to detail the various factors that might lead to drug


The US constitution protects citizens against unwarranted search and seizures. This means that unless police have a warrant or probable cause, they cannot search your person or vehicle for illegal substances.


However, the definition of probable cause is surprisingly complex when you start delving into it.


This is particularly true in the case of drug-sniffing dogs. Police are allowed to use these animals to alert them to


Are you facing drug trafficking charges in Colorado?


You’re not alone. Colorado law enforcement is cracking down on drug trafficking, and lots of people are feeling the pressure.


Things aren’t always straightforward, either. A drug possession charge can easily convert to a more serious drug trafficking charge based on the amount of the drugs collected by the police. Someone with a large quantity of drugs intended for


The War on Drugs is still alive and well in America, even with the legalization of recreational marijuana in over a dozen states – including right here. Weed might be legal, but lots of other drugs aren’t, and even first-time possession charges could result in jail time or fees.


If you are caught with drugs in Colorado, however, you won’t face just one set of penalties. The specific


Three people were recently arrested in Longmont for allegedly intending to distribute cocaine. The arrests were made after a two-month-long investigation by the Boulder County Drug Task Force.  All three suspects face felony charges for suspicion of unlawful cocaine possession with intent to distribute


The investigation was initiated when an informant gave information about a potential cocaine dealer in the area. Undercover officers then set up a sting