What Would Have Once Been Simply a Neighborhood Feud Can Now Result in a Criminal Charge
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It’s no secret that our society has become more and more litigious as the years have gone by. Some of this has arisen from an increased awareness of different kinds of abuse, and awareness is a good thing. However, it is also often the case that issues that once would have been dealt with between individuals may now become drawn out lawsuits or could result in criminal charges. One example of this can be seen in some charges of harassment. If you are facing such charges, having a lawyer will be essential when it comes to defending yourself in a Denver courtroom.


Most of us remember growing up in neighborhoods or towns where one family or group always seemed to have it in for another. Whether it was a borrowed lawnmower that did not get returned, a rivalry over who had the better lawn, or a legitimate grievance when someone hit on another’s spouse, rarely did any of these incidents ever result in criminal charges. There may have been yelling, name calling, obscene words and gestures, but for the most part, the parties in question either worked it out or remained feuding without involving local authorities, a lawyer, or a judge. Now, in Denver, it is an exception if such incidents are handled privately instead of resulting in criminal harassment charges.


If you are facing any sort of criminal harassment charge, an experienced and knowledgeable criminal lawyer in Denver may be able to bring some reason and objectivity to the situation before it reaches a Denver courtroom. Contact Lawyer Kimberly Diego to schedule a free 45-minute consultation to determine how you should best proceed given the nature of your case. Ms. Diego can provide you with the legal counsel that you need so that what you thought was a mere spat does not result in a conviction and follow you indefinitely into the future.


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