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I often get calls from alleged victims in domestic violence cases. Most frequently,they are calling to find out how to get the charges dropped against the defendant as quickly possible. The fact is that there is no magic wand to wave to make a domestic violence case go away once a call to police has been made and the defendant has been arrested, and that is because in Colorado the

In a recent story, the Denver Post reported two separate incidents of domestic violence in which one woman lured her ex-husband outside to have him beaten by another man, and another woman allegedly kicked her partner of 10 years in the face, breaking her nose. These two terrible situations illustrate that domestic violence is not limited only to conventional husband/wife situations. Only an adroit domestic violence lawyer can tell you

Local news stations reported one of the latest Denver domestic violence tragedies: A woman was killed for whom two separate 911 emergency calls were made only to have police not respond. As you can imagine, Denver police and dispatchers are now in the media spotlight. And Colorado and federal domestic violence laws and punishments are written in such a way as to minimize tragedies like these. Thus, if you are

If the Denver police are called to your residence on a domestic disturbance call, and they suspect that any kind of violence has taken place, you are likely to be arrested even if the argument has abated by the time the police show up. Even if your girlfriend was also arrested or even if she does not want to press charges against you now that the fight is over, you