Just Because Your Girlfriend Isn’t Pressing Charges, Doesn’t Mean the DA Won’t
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If the Denver police are called to your residence on a domestic disturbance call, and they suspect that any kind of violence has taken place, you are likely to be arrested even if the argument has abated by the time the police show up. Even if your girlfriend was also arrested or even if she does not want to press charges against you now that the fight is over, you will still want to retain the services of an experienced Denver domestic violence lawyer because the charges are not dependent upon her willingness or lack of willingness to pursue them.


Because domestic violence is such a serious charge, and because victims often hesitate to press charges only out of fear of further abuse rather than a true lack of desire, a domestic violence charge is not dropped just because the victim refuses to cooperate with the prosecution. In fact, if you have been charged with domestic violence against your girlfriend, it is the district attorney—not your girlfriend—who will decide how to proceed with the case. Consequently, you will want to have the very best defense lawyer possible.


If you have been charged in Denver with domestic violence, it is not likely that the charge is going to go away, regardless of what the alleged victim says or does. Your best line of defense is to consult with Lawyer Kimberly Diego. Ms. Diego has extensive experience in defending those charged with domestic violence, and she will review all the details of your case in order to prepare the best possible defense. Contact the Law Office of Kimberly Diego today to get the legal assistance you need.


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