A Denver Domestic Violence Lawyer to Stand for You
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Local news stations reported one of the latest Denver domestic violence tragedies: A woman was killed for whom two separate 911 emergency calls were made only to have police not respond. As you can imagine, Denver police and dispatchers are now in the media spotlight. And Colorado and federal domestic violence laws and punishments are written in such a way as to minimize tragedies like these. Thus, if you are charged with domestic violence, you need the best Denver domestic violence lawyer to guide you through this minefield.


Kimberly Diego is just that Denver domestic violence lawyer. Her years of savvy in dealing with domestic violence situations have trained her to understand that once a 911-caller (who does not have to be the victim) alleges domestic violence, law enforcement officers must make an arrest. Once such an accusation has been made in Colorado, the victim has no ability to drop domestic violence charges—it’s up to the prosecutor. What’s more, if you are convicted of a domestic violence crime, and you are not a United States citizen, federal law can stipulate your deportation or otherwise negatively impact your immigration status.


The Law Office of Kimberly Diego is thoroughly experienced in all areas of criminal defense and knows in-depth the turns and switchbacks the laws can make on someone charged with domestic violence. Thus, having Ms. Diego, highly qualified Denver domestic violence lawyer in your corner, assures you the best chance of having your side of the story heard and securing your right to a fair and just defense. Call her office for a free consultation.


If you’re facing a criminal charge of domestic violence in Colorado, contact the Law Offices of Kimberly Diego. Kimberly Diego is a highly accomplished Denver domestic violence lawyer who represents clients from all walks of life throughout the Denver metro area – juveniles, adults, and clients accused of both felonies and misdemeanors. Contact Ms. Diego at 720.257.5346 (available 24-7) to schedule a free consultation to review the nature of your case or visit her website at www.diegocriminaldomestic