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Rarely does a week go by when a story does not arise in the media about someone being arrested on criminal sex or indecency charges. Whether the District Attorney has charged a defendant because of forensic interview with the victims or because a concerned parent has brought forth allegations, it seems that the Denver area is not immune from the accusations of sexual abuse or misconduct that plague the rest

The assault trial of Jeffrey Campos, former Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce CEO, illustrates why it is necessary to have a good criminal attorney in Denver at your side when facing a criminal trial in this Colorado municipality. According to the Denver Post, Campos’s criminal attorney has argued that Campos is clearly an adulterer who may not have exercised the best judgment, but that does not make him a criminal.

You may not qualify for the public defender, but if you do, you may be wondering whether you should keep your public defender or choose to hire a privately retained criminal attorney.


Public defenders are attorneys paid by the state, who do not choose their clients.  Similarly, you don’t get to choose which public defender you get.  In the case of private attorneys, individuals faced with a crime have