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The philosophy of any justice system, at its most basic, is that the punishment should fit the crime.


For example, if someone in Denver was caught stealing a T-shirt from a department store, a rational punishment would be for them to return the jacket, pay a fine, and maybe complete a set number of community service hours. It would be cruel and unusual to send someone to prison for

A recent kerfuffle within the Colorado Bureau of Investigations regarding the flagging of medical marijuana patients within criminal databases has been resolved by a spokesperson from the Department of Public Health and Environment. Mark Salley has clarified that patients will not be automatically pre-flagged within the database as had been erroneously suggested. The clarification laid to rest the confidentiality concerns of many a defense attorney in the Denver area, as

ABC News reported this week on the arrest of Kizzy Kalu, a Colorado CEO who faces 132 criminal charges ranging from visa fraud to money laundering to human trafficking. Though it is unclear whether Kalu has yet retained a defense lawyer, hearings regarding whether or not he should be released on bond have been held. He is still currently in custody, according to a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office.