Drug Crimes Garner Man Three-Year Sentence
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In an example of how having a good defense attorney can make a difference, a man who was found with a large quantity of drugs and money in his home received only three of the six possible years in prison after he pleaded guilty to various drug crimes in a Denver court.


Timothy Faase apologized to the court for enabling those who were addicted to drugs to have easy access to them. His Denver drug crimes attorney highlighted Faase’s charitable work within the community and urged the judge to grant him probation. Although he did not get full probation for the drug crimes, Faase was sentenced to only three years and will serve the remaining three years on probation.


Faase was accused of providing a former sheriff with methamphetamines. Police followed the former sheriff to Faase’s home following a sting operation in which the former sheriff is alleged to have traded the drug for sexual favors from an informant.


Because of the war on drugs, drug crimes gain extra attention in the media and from society, so law enforcement officials and prosecutors are eager to pursue any drug charges aggressively. As a result, anyone who has been charged with drug crimes in the Denver area needs to have an equally aggressive and qualified drug crimes attorney familiar with Denver dynamics. A high-quality defense attorney will work uncompromisingly to get charges dropped or reduced, if possible. If not, an experienced criminal attorney can help to ensure the best possible outcome for a case. If you are facing such charges, contact a drug crimes attorney in Denver to prepare your defense right away.


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