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Sometime in the late night or early morning hours between April 8 and 9, 2018, three safes were stolen from the Aspen Highlands ticket office.


All of the relatively small safes were carried out, and two of them were removed from their wall mounts. Officers debate about whether one person could have carried the safes out alone, and surveillance videos show one suspect and three other men police



These days we use credit and debit cards for just about everything. That being the case, it’s not at all surprising that credit card fraud has become quite commonplace. Thieves use a variety of techniques to steal consumers’ credit card information, with some even offering stolen credit card information for sale on the darknet.


In Denver, a high-profile credit card and fuel theft scam recently culminated in


People steal all kinds of things, but when was the last time you heard about someone stealing Jesus?


Well, that’s exactly what happened on August 25 at the Azhari Rug Gallery in Denver.


Jay Azhari, the owner of the shop on Antique Row, said a woman came into the shop around 7 p.m., and his video surveillance system caught her stealing a Jesus figurine and a


Crime is on the rise here in our state.


In a single year – from 2015 to 2016 – the overall crime rate went up 5.5% according to a recent report released by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.


Homicides went up 9.9%. Rapes went up 7.2%. Aggravated assaults went up 8.3%. Robberies went up 5.9%. Larceny – more commonly known as theft – went up 4.3%. The


We all have those little expenses that turn into big chunks of our paycheck. Heading to Starbucks for your morning coffee. Stopping for fast food because you don’t have time for anything else.


Do these things once or twice and the money involved will be pretty small. Do them a few times a week for a month, though, and it adds up fast.


Well, the same concept