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Assault is a quite-serious offense involving knowingly or recklessly causing bodily injury or threatening to cause serious bodily injury. Depending on the circumstances of the alleged offense, you could be charged with felony or misdemeanor assault, leaving you with a criminal record of violent crime, and potentially with the lifelong consequences of being a convicted felon.


On the flip side, you are allowed under Colorado law to defend


St. Patrick’s Day is known as a time to “let your Irish out” and get a bit rowdy. Typically, this partying is all in good fun, but can end in a brush with the law if festivities go too far.


As past St. Paddy’s Day brawls in New York and Cleveland demonstrate, it’s easy for things to get out of hand quickly when intoxicated people come together in



If you have been charged with assault in Colorado, you need to understand what happens next. In this post, we’ll detail the assault laws and penalties as well as the potential defenses you can use to fight your charges.


Laws and Penalties

Assault in the third degree




Recklessly or knowingly causing bodily injury to someone


Using criminal negligence with a deadly weapon to

Recently a U. S. Marshal was assaulted by a skateboarder at the U. S. Federal Courthouse in Denver, and police are still looking for the attacker.


On Sept. 27, 2017 around 5:45 p.m., a man on a skateboard approached the marshal. Five other skateboarders were also present. The man was around 20 years old, standing roughly 5’ 8” tall and weighing about 140 pounds with blond hair. He assaulted


We hear the word assault and we automatically think of something negative. However, a Colorado man was recently charged with assault for trying to help someone.


How is that possible? Here’s what happened.


James Lowell Pennington was arrested in May after performing an unlicensed testicle removal surgery. Sounds bad, right? However, he did his work on a willing transgender woman in her apartment.


In other words,