The Sleeping Pill Defense
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It is being referred to as sleep driving, and it can result in a DUI charge. Though manufacturers of sleeping pills argue that it only happens when taken incorrectly, cases have been cited where individuals took the medicine according to package directions, yet drove, prepared full course meals, and engaged in sexual activity with ex-spouses all while asleep. And, all without having any recall of what had happened when they awoke the following morning. If you believe that your drunk driving charge could have resulted from sleep driving, your attorney may be able to utilize that evidence as part of your defense when you appear in a Denver courtroom.


Drug companies argue that their sleeping pills are completely safe when taken correctly. However, as more and more patients come forward with increasingly bizarre incidents of sleep-behavior, medical and legal experts are acknowledging that there may be actions performed while under the influence of a sleeping aid for which individuals may not actually be accountable. DUI charges have been dropped in some cases as the result of a physician’s expert testimony, and one attorney was able to clear a client of sexual assault charges using the sleeping pill defense.


If you are baffled by your DUI charge and are convinced that it must be some kind of mistake, DUI Attorney in Denver Kimberly Diego can help to defend your case in the Denver courts. Ms. Diego will gladly meet with you for a free consultation to review your case and discuss your legal options.


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