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I have a prior DUI in another state. Do I need to disclose this to the court or to the prosecutor?

The answer, as with many legal questions, is that “it depends”.

Having a prior DUI can greatly impact the outcome of your pending driving under the influence case. A case in which you may not see a day in jail can easily become one in which a jail sentence

Even a relatively minor DUI case can have serious and far-reaching consequences for any driver holding a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License).  If you lose your DMV hearing, you face the loss of your CDL for one year.  Even if you win the DMV hearing, you face the loss of your CDL should you be convicted of drunk driving in court.  For purposes of suspending your commercial driving privileges, it does

If you failed a breath test and were subsequently arrested for DUI in Denver, you may have already assumed that there is nothing you can do and that you will simply have to suffer the consequences of a drunk driving conviction. However, that is not necessarily true, and you should consult with a Denver DUI attorney to determine if there is a possibility that you have been erroneously charged. Your

It is being referred to as sleep driving, and it can result in a DUI charge. Though manufacturers of sleeping pills argue that it only happens when taken incorrectly, cases have been cited where individuals took the medicine according to package directions, yet drove, prepared full course meals, and engaged in sexual activity with ex-spouses all while asleep. And, all without having any recall of what had happened when they

If you are arrested for DUI, your attorney will most likely want to call into question the credibility of the toxicology lab that tested your blood for its alcohol content, especially if that lab was the state lab in Denver. It seems that a former employee did not follow proper protocol in testing procedures over an extended period of time, and now the accuracy of the lab’s testing procedures has