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If you have a criminal record, your ability to get federal student loan money may be limited.


Student Loan Eligibility and Drug Crimes If you were convicted of a drug crime while receiving federal student loans, your eligibility to receive further money may be suspended.


If you were convicted of one drug crime, you are ineligible to receive such funds for one year if that crime consisted of

Many storeowners, facing economic difficulties and reduced profits, have turned to spice to supplement their business incomes. Websites selling spice to these storeowners emphasize the legality of their product, which they refer to as herbal incense or herbal smoking blends, misleading storeowners into thinking that acquiring and thereafter selling the product would be a quick, easy, and safe way to earn some cash.


In fact, synthetic compounds commonly found

If your friend were hit by a car while they had the right of way in a crosswalk, you most likely wouldn’t hesitate at all about calling 911 – you’d know that you needed to get them medical attention as quickly as possible. But what would you do if your friend overdosed on an illegal drug? Sadly, many people hesitate or try to provide home care in these situations because

If you have been arrested for possession of a controlled substance in Denver, it is important that you have a knowledgeable drug crimes attorney who is familiar with such cases in the Denver area. It is no secret that the whole nation is aware that drug laws in Denver and all of Colorado have changed, but when pressed regarding the nature of those laws and what exactly is allowed and

In an example of how having a good defense attorney can make a difference, a man who was found with a large quantity of drugs and money in his home received only three of the six possible years in prison after he pleaded guilty to various drug crimes in a Denver court.


Timothy Faase apologized to the court for enabling those who were addicted to drugs to have easy