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If you were asked to define the word “theft,” you’d probably say something like, “taking property that belongs to someone else” or “depriving someone of their belongings with no intention of giving them back.” When we define theft, it sounds straightforward—we should be able to look at an incident and say it either is or isn’t theft. In practice, however, it’s a little more complicated. This was illustrated particularly well

When Sarah Jackson called police to report that her car had been stolen and was told that it was impounded in connection with a robbery, she never imagined that she would be treated like a suspect – but that’s exactly what happened.


It’s understandable that Denver police are the suspicious types when it comes to theft. Just in the last few months, a man stole a cell phone from

In an effort to curb the number of bikes being stolen in Denver, local police officials and some media outlets have encouraged those who have been the victims of bike theft to see if their bikes are listed for sale on classified websites such as Craigslist. While such efforts may result in the recovery of a stolen bike or two, they may also occasion the need for sellers to contact