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If a police officer catches you driving while high from marijuana in Colorado, you face the same charges as a drunk driver – a DUI. This is a problem for lawmakers, the public, and law enforcement officials looking to Colorado as a social, legal, and economic experiment on the effects of marijuana legalization.


Why? Because the data from police departments doesn’t distinguish between the two types of impaired

In 2012, voters in Colorado and Washington made history by voting to pass initiatives that made the recreational use and sale of marijuana legal. These were huge victories for marijuana legalization advocates in these states and across the country, but whether or not the rest of the 48 states will follow Colorado and Washington’s lead remains to be seen.


Today, federal law still considers marijuana—both for recreational and medical

After a sharp rise in reported cases of children accidentally consuming marijuana, the Colorado health department proposed a ban on all edible marijuana products. Under the ban, only lozenges and tinctures would be able to be legally sold by marijuana retailers. Popular items—such as marijuana baked goods and chocolates—would be prohibited. Naturally, the proposal was met with industry outrage. Marijuana advocates argued that edible pot could not constitutionally be banned

If you have a criminal record, your ability to get federal student loan money may be limited.


Student Loan Eligibility and Drug Crimes If you were convicted of a drug crime while receiving federal student loans, your eligibility to receive further money may be suspended.


If you were convicted of one drug crime, you are ineligible to receive such funds for one year if that crime consisted of

Many storeowners, facing economic difficulties and reduced profits, have turned to spice to supplement their business incomes. Websites selling spice to these storeowners emphasize the legality of their product, which they refer to as herbal incense or herbal smoking blends, misleading storeowners into thinking that acquiring and thereafter selling the product would be a quick, easy, and safe way to earn some cash.


In fact, synthetic compounds commonly found