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Currently, Colorado lawmakers are supervising a detailed review of the state’s juvenile justice system. Lawmakers and advocates are working to give minors a better chance at succeeding after being in the juvenile corrections system.


Why is this review needed?


Because minors who are incarcerated have a high chance of reoffending. From 2013 to 2015, the percentage of minor reoffenders was between 49 and 55 percent, which means


Studies have shown that the adolescent brain is still developing, and that teens are more prone to engaging in reckless behavior without fully understanding the consequences of their actions. This is because the pleasure-seeking portion of the brain is fully developed, but the self-control portion is not yet fully functional.


Because of this, crimes committed by juveniles are ordinarily prosecuted differently, under the premise that adolescents cannot or


Summer brings fun times and relaxation to most Colorado kids, but it can also be the time some minors have run-ins with the law. We’ll show you what kind of crimes to watch out for with your child, and what

to do if your kid gets into trouble.


Most Common Juvenile Crimes in Colorado


These are the most common types of crimes Colorado juveniles commit.


  • Graffiti


The prosecutor in a recent homicide case is seeking to try a 15-year-old suspect as an adult. What do Colorado laws have to say about this? First let’s look at the case itself.


Pueblo resident Johnny Dennel Jr., 15, turned himself in to authorities on Nov. 15. Police had been searching for him as a murder suspect since Francisco Alcon, 22, was fatally shot on Nov. 12. Both

Sometimes, technology moves too fast for lawmakers to keep up. When old laws have to be applied to new trends, people may face wildly unfair punishments as lawmakers debate the right penalties and work to change rules and regulations.


Law enforcement officials, school administrators, parents, and teens faced this exact conundrum not long ago when a “sexting” scandal rocked Cañon City High School. Hundreds of students were caught consensually