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As a general rule, it’s illegal for minors under the age of 21 to consume or possess alcohol. However, there are a few exceptions.


For example, if you give your teen a small glass of wine with your holiday meal this year, this is okay. The caveat is you must be on private property, present with your teen, and have the property owner’s agreement.


Unless consuming alcohol


Everyone loves a good Halloween prank, and teens are notorious for taking these sorts of things too far. In fact, many Halloween pranks gone awry can result in criminal charges.


For your teen, this could mean severely compromising his or her future college and employment prospects. Let’s take a look at the criminal charges that can result from Halloween fun that seems to have gotten a little too


While roughhousing and bullies have existed in schools for many generations, it seems like schools nowadays are getting more violent and even downright dangerous.


Students regularly participate in school shooter drills. Security officers are hired to make sure students don’t bring guns into class. Violence at all levels, even simple roughhousing, is being taken more seriously than it ever has.


In Colorado, this means that law enforcement


A capstone of the high school experience, prom was designed to create fond memories your child can enjoy for a lifetime. Unfortunately, this good-time tradition often ends up putting added pressure on your teen to create memories he or she thinks should be a part of that tradition instead.


Which can be dangerous.


Take one Ohio teen who just last Spring was speeding to prom with three


Psychological research on brain development and teen impulsivity shows that the adolescent brain’s reward centers have increased sensitivity, and that teens’ brains need to develop more in order for them to be able to rationally consider the long-term implications of bad decisions.


Conversely, the same line of research indicates that the deeper into the justice system they are thrust, the worse a teen’s family relationships, educational development, and