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Imagine you’re at happy hour after work and you have a single drink. Or you’re at a friend’s dinner party and you decide to drink a glass of wine. When it starts to get late and you need to be heading home, what do you do?


Many people in these situations make the decision to drive themselves home. Most likely they’re not “feeling it” at all, and the




Contrary to popular belief, hiring a DUI defense attorney is not the highest expense associated with a drunk driving arrest.  The cost of conviction includes not only the criminal fines—which increased nationwide in 2015—but also administrative fees, and raised insurance rates.


The Real Cost of a DUI Conviction


Assuming no property damage or injuries occurred, the base criminal fine for your first DUI conviction ranges


If a police officer catches you driving while high from marijuana in Colorado, you face the same charges as a drunk driver – a DUI. This is a problem for lawmakers, the public, and law enforcement officials looking to Colorado as a social, legal, and economic experiment on the effects of marijuana legalization.


Why? Because the data from police departments doesn’t distinguish between the two types of impaired



In fact, a DUI charge—that is, a “driving under the influence” charge—can come as a result of a wide range of scenarios, and a person can be charged with driving under the influence of a number of different substances in addition to alcohol, including drugs and prescription medications.


A DUI charge also does not necessarily mean that your blood alcohol level was above .08. While a BAC