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Since July 4th is one of the most dangerous driving holidays in Colorado, officials were particularly vigilant over the holiday this year, cracking down on DUI suspects with additional patrols and checkpoints.


In Denver, police conducted two checkpoints, making contact with over 1,000 people and arresting seven people for DUIs. They do it because of stories like this one. A single man from Utah caused injuries to


Summer is a time for kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying all of the outdoor activities and events going on now that the weather is warm.


Whether you’re grilling in your backyard, attending a music festival, or celebrating one of the many summer holidays, you might decide to have a few drinks to quench your thirst, abate the heat, and get into the summertime groove. As long as you’re


When laws are passed at the state level, we don’t always understand or witness the affects until years later, especially if criminal proceedings or sentencing is involved. This is because it takes months for criminal cases to go through the entire process between being arrested and getting sentenced – or not – and even longer for the statistics to show significant change.


That being said, in late 2016


Want to figure out where you can get a good happy hour special after work? There’s an app for that. Need to pay your friend back for the beers he bought? There’s an app for that. Need to figure out if you’re still sober enough to drive home?


Now, there’s an app for that too.


The Colorado Department of Transportation has been working throughout 2016 on testing


Getting stopped by the police on suspicion of a DUI – or for any reason – can be a stressful and nerve-racking experience. But how you react and interact with a police officer once you’ve been pulled over is important, because your actions could potentially be used as probable cause for a search – or even used against you in order to ensure a conviction.


That’s why it’s