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There can be a knee-jerk type of reaction caused when coming across a story in the news media of another accident, injury, or fatality caused by a drunk driver. It can cause many Colorado residents to shake their heads and wish that we could just lock up all drunk drivers and forego any need for Colorado DUI lawyers. However, such a reaction usually gives way to more reasoned thinking

ESPN News reported last week that Alex White, a pitcher with the Colorado Rockies, was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving. According to reports, the team has indicated that the 23-year-old pitcher understands the mistake he has made and the embarrassment he has brought to the team. It was unclear from the news story whether team lawyers would be representing White in the DUI case or if he will retain

A bill that would have placed a “per se” limit on those driving under the influence of marijuana was killed this week in the Colorado Senate.  The bill would have placed a limit on the amount of THC one could have in their blood while driving, similar to the 0.08 limit constituting DUI Per Se in drunk driving cases.  Pro – medical marijuana lobbyists had vehemently opposed the bill, since