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It is well established law that the police cannot legally stop your vehicle without reasonable suspicion.  Where matters become a little less clear is the law that holds that once the purpose of the initial stop of a defendant’s vehicle has been accomplished, and no other reasonable suspicion exists to support further investigation, any ongoing detention of the defendant and his vehicle is illegal.  A recently decided Colorado Supreme Court,

If you have been arrested for possession of a controlled substance in Denver, it is important that you have a knowledgeable drug crimes attorney who is familiar with such cases in the Denver area. It is no secret that the whole nation is aware that drug laws in Denver and all of Colorado have changed, but when pressed regarding the nature of those laws and what exactly is allowed and

A recent Denver Post series of articles chronicled the descent of Denver-area residents along a slope that started with gateway drug use, such as prescription pain-killer abuse, and ended with heroin addiction. Long the staple of television melodramas, this type of drug abuse may be what comes to our minds when we think of the need for a drug lawyer in Denver.


Yet the truth of the matter

What was made legal by the Amendment remains illegal under federal law, and the extent of any federal enforcement on this issue and in response to the law change has yet to be made clear. Additionally, the law’s enactment re-invigorates the debate over a possible need for a drugged driving law similar to the law in effect for drunk driving which makes a blood alcohol level over 0.08 a DUI

In an example of how having a good defense attorney can make a difference, a man who was found with a large quantity of drugs and money in his home received only three of the six possible years in prison after he pleaded guilty to various drug crimes in a Denver court.


Timothy Faase apologized to the court for enabling those who were addicted to drugs to have easy