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Last month, a bill that will enact harsher sentences on domestic violence offenders with multiple convictions in Colorado was signed into law.


House Bill 16-1066, a bill called “Concerning An Habitual Domestic Violence Offender” was first introduced in early 2016 and sponsored by state Representative Kit Roupe, a Republican from Colorado Springs. The bill was passed unanimously by the House of Representatives, and was 2 votes away from


No one is immune to the consequences of being accused of domestic violence – just ask actor Johnny Depp.


On May 23, Depp’s wife, Amber Heard, filed for divorce and asked for spousal support. Two days after Depp rejected her request, she claimed in court that Depp had abused her throughout their 5-year relationship. Heard had a bruise on the right side of her eye, which she said


Over the last few decades, lawmakers have come to recognize that domestic violence is a serious issue in our country. Charges and penalties have been increased to punish offenders and serve as a deterrent to anyone who might be inclined to engage in this kind of behavior.


But in an effort to protect victims, we have turned domestic violence charges into something that can completely derail an individual’s


Accusations of domestic violence are a serious matter—even if the alleged incident never actually occurred. In order to protect actual victims of abuse, Colorado has mandatory arrest laws for anyone who has been accused of domestic violence.


The law requires police to arrest any person when “there is probable cause to believe that a crime or offense involving domestic violence.” In the real world, this means that if

Although the type of domestic abuse that generally receives the most attention in the media involves battery, there are many forms of domestic abuse that don’t involve physical harm to the victim. In fact, some people who are charged with domestic abuse may not have even realized that their actions could constitute a crime.


I’ve already written about how behaviors such as stalking and destruction of property are considered