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In the Colorado criminal justice system, theft and stealing are umbrella terms that encompass a variety of criminal behaviors. Our courts consider theft to be any act that takes something of value from someone else without authorization or through lies or aggression.


This broad definition means you can be charged with theft or stealing in Colorado for actions like shoplifting, embezzlement, false pretense, or even the unauthorized sale


While the images that come to mind when we hear either term may be different, there’s actually a very thin line between theft and robbery crimes. Sometimes offenders were never even planning to cross it, but when they do, it makes a world of difference in the consequences one may face.


Take one Colorado Springs suspect, for instance, who may have thought the home he was attempting to

On March 3rd, the FBI arrested a family of three from Northbrook, IL, for a shoplifting spree allegedly resulting in more than $7 million in stolen property.The Bogdanov family’s cross-country thefts began in Oklahoma and continued through Texas and Louisiana before eventually finishing back in their hometown. Along the way, they went after major companies such as Barnes and Noble and Toys ‘R’ Us and sold their stolen merchandise on