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As marijuana use becomes more widely accepted across the United States, questions are arising in regards to whether or not new laws should be put in place, and how existing laws might change to accommodate the legalization of the drug. Now, states that have legalized marijuana use for whatever reason must come up with some answers about the extent to which marijuana will be tolerated, especially when it comes to

After a sharp rise in reported cases of children accidentally consuming marijuana, the Colorado health department proposed a ban on all edible marijuana products. Under the ban, only lozenges and tinctures would be able to be legally sold by marijuana retailers. Popular items—such as marijuana baked goods and chocolates—would be prohibited. Naturally, the proposal was met with industry outrage. Marijuana advocates argued that edible pot could not constitutionally be banned

Since legalizing recreational marijuana, Colorado policymakers have been focusing on some of the implications of this policy, including the potential for stoned driving. While some recreational users insist that weed doesn’t impair their ability to drive, lawmakers consider driving under the influence of marijuana to be the same as driving under the influence of any other prescription painkiller—since you can’t judge your own level of impairment, you shouldn’t get behind

A commonly held misconception is that marijuana is completely legal in Colorado, and that all activities concerning marijuana are therefore also legal.  Also, whatever legal status marijuana may have in this state does not negate the fact that marijuana remains a Schedule I drug as classified by the DEA.


Today, news broke that federal law enforcement agents are involved in numerous enforcement actions in Colorado.  While little information beyond

If you have been arrested for possession of a controlled substance in Denver, it is important that you have a knowledgeable drug crimes attorney who is familiar with such cases in the Denver area. It is no secret that the whole nation is aware that drug laws in Denver and all of Colorado have changed, but when pressed regarding the nature of those laws and what exactly is allowed and