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In Colorado, domestic violence goes far beyond physical acts to encompass a wide range of behaviors. The law defines domestic violence as any act, attempted act, or threatened act of violence, harassment, stalking, or coercion between individuals in a relationship. The relationship may be a current or former marriage or romantic partnership, or simply a current or former shared living situation.


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The state of Colorado rightly sees domestic violence as a cancer that needs to be wiped out if our most vulnerable citizens are ever going to be able to feel truly safe. Because of this, our statutes on domestic violence are weighted towards empowering alleged victims and making sure that everything is done to punish perpetrators. Case-in-point: when someone in Colorado makes a domestic violence complaint and the police are

Once the wheels of a domestic violence charge are set in motion, it can be hard to stop the case from going forward—even if the alleged victim wants the charges dropped. Although that sounds unreasonable to some people, the reasoning behind this strict law is based on historical findings about domestic abuse and victim safety. Let’s look at our state’s domestic violence laws a little more closely so that you

A protective order, otherwise known as a restraining order, is designed to protect victims of domestic violence by legally requiring the alleged abuser to stay away. The state of Colorado takes protective orders very seriously because this type of regulation is only effective if law officers are committed to enforcing it, and violating a protective order is considered a crime in and of itself.


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Some people jokingly refer to a friend as a “stalker” if they coincidentally meet around town. The idea of stalking is even played for laughs in some movies and TV shows, such as Wedding Crashers and Flight of the Conchords. But no matter how stalking is presented in popular culture, it’s actually a serious offense that falls under the branch of domestic violence crimes in Colorado.


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