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Although the type of domestic abuse that generally receives the most attention in the media involves battery, there are many forms of domestic abuse that don’t involve physical harm to the victim. In fact, some people who are charged with domestic abuse may not have even realized that their actions could constitute a crime.


I’ve already written about how behaviors such as stalking and destruction of property are considered

Unfortunately, the safeguards put in place to protect victims of domestic violence are often manipulated, and used in a way that perhaps was not intended by those who created the laws as they exist in Colorado today.


Oftentimes, domestic violence charges can arise out of a nasty breakup or even a divorce. While some of these charges certainly are not unfounded, others are brought forward as a means of

A new law passed earlier this year, allowing prosecutors to utilize out of court statements by a developmentally challenged victim against a defendant in a jury trial, is currently being used for the first time in a Denver rape case.


Hearsay evidence (a statement, other than one made by a witness testifying at a trial, offered to prove the truth of the matter asserted) typically is inadmissible in a