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Even a relatively minor DUI case can have serious and far-reaching consequences for any driver holding a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License).  If you lose your DMV hearing, you face the loss of your CDL for one year.  Even if you win the DMV hearing, you face the loss of your CDL should you be convicted of drunk driving in court.  For purposes of suspending your commercial driving privileges, it does

Given that the Broncos will be competing in the Super Bowl, the Denver Police Department is prepared for the worst case scenario – and that scenario is likely to materialize whether the team wins, as most who live in Colorado hope (and expect) they will, or loses.


The downtown area of Denver will be particularly scrutinized both during and following the game; expect a visible presence of law enforcement

In Marshall v. People, the Colorado Supreme Court addressed the admissibility of lab reports in DUI and DUID cases.

In that case, the prosecution had sought to admit the lab test results performed by a technician who was not actually present at trial.  They sought to admit those reports through the technician’s supervisor, Cynthia Burbach.  The reports were in fact admitted over the objection of the defendant and his

If you’re like most residents of Denver, the site of red and blue flashing lights in your rearview mirror induces feelings of dread, followed by the realization the whatever the offense you’ve committed, it is probably going to result in costly fines and penalties. However, not all citations for traffic violations have to end up costing you an arm and a leg. With the help of a good Denver traffic