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Stalking is a serious problem.


Over 25 million Americans (18.3 million of them women) have experienced some form of stalking. Sadly, the internet, cell phones, and other digital forms of communication have made stalking even easier.


Moreover, while in-person stalking absolutely still occurs, many people who claim to be stalking victims don’t actually see their harassers. Instead, they hover at a distance, like a dark cloud on

If you are facing stalking charges in Colorado, we’ve prepared a list of things to do and not to do moving forward. Also, we’ll discuss potential defense strategies you may be able to use with the help of a knowledgeable criminal lawyer.


Let’s begin with what constitutes stalking under the laws of our state.


The Three Classifications of Stalking in Colorado


Stalking behaviors typically fall into these

Last month in Fort Collins, Colorado State University police warned students and faculty about a man allegedly stalking people on campus. Tyreice M. “TJ” Lane was charged with trespass, harassment, and felony stalking, and was ordered to stay away from the CSU campus. Despite the charges and the restraining order, though, he was still supposedly seen in the area several times.


The details of Lane’s stalking charges are still

The adent of the internet has given rise to a new kind of domestic violence crime—cyber stalking. Commonly defined as repeated unwanted contact through electronic communication, many states across the U.S. have introduced strict legislation to combat cyber stalking. In Colorado, stalking is a serious offense—whether it occurs in the real world or online. Even if you don’t follow, contact, or threaten someone in person, there are many online behaviors

Some people jokingly refer to a friend as a “stalker” if they coincidentally meet around town. The idea of stalking is even played for laughs in some movies and TV shows, such as Wedding Crashers and Flight of the Conchords. But no matter how stalking is presented in popular culture, it’s actually a serious offense that falls under the branch of domestic violence crimes in Colorado.


Many people charged