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While Colorado continues to pioneer the legalization of cannabis and cannabis products across the US, the industry isn’t without bounds, and the land is far from lawless. One aspect that isn’t lax is the regulations surrounding the trafficking of legally cultivated weed in Colorado, and the specific licensing to do so.


With proper permitting, for instance, you may initially grow up to six cannabis plants to supply your


Back in February, Jeff Sessions stated that there was “more violence” around marijuana.

He’s not the first politician or member of law enforcement to make these types of claims, and numerous others have followed suit. Just a few weeks ago, District Attorney Dan May argued that marijuana was “the gateway drug to homicide in our community and across our state.”


Out of context, his comment sounds pretty ridiculous,


When Colorado legalized in marijuana in 2014, it wasn’t exactly clear to many just how legal it was. Many people outside of the state were under the impression that marijuana was legal in all circumstances, which is not true.


In fact, the current laws regarding marijuana are similar to the laws regarding alcohol. If you’re under the age of 21, being caught with pot still means you could