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Three people were recently arrested in Longmont for allegedly intending to distribute cocaine. The arrests were made after a two-month-long investigation by the Boulder County Drug Task Force.  All three suspects face felony charges for suspicion of unlawful cocaine possession with intent to distribute


The investigation was initiated when an informant gave information about a potential cocaine dealer in the area. Undercover officers then set up a sting


Drug trafficking is one of the most confusing legal concepts out there. As most people understand it, trafficking means moving something from one place to another illegally.


So why then were six men recently indicted for being involved in a drug trafficking ring after receiving heroin from outside of the state? Wouldn’t they have had to attempt to transport those drugs somewhere else for drug trafficking charges to

On August 3, a father and son were arrested on drug trafficking charges in Pueblo. Their case is a good example of how our state levies drug trafficking charges and what you can expect if you find yourself charged.


Let’s take a look.


Investigating an Alleged Father and Son Drug Trafficking Team


The authorities worked with a confidential source for months to monitor the trafficking activity of


The everyday items that play a part in drug crimes are very important to law enforcement officials. Because of this, they are legally allowed to confiscate items such as cars, homes, and cash that could have been used in the drug crimes.


If an item like a phone is used, not only will that item be confiscated… it will also add more criminal charges to the individual’s record.


When we talk about the sentencing guidelines for criminal offenses in Colorado, they’re just that – guidelines. Aggravating and mitigating factors, as well as the amount of charges and a judge’s own discretion, all work together as factors that make up the final sentence.


At the federal level, these rules are a little different. One of the biggest policies that affects sentencing at the federal level is mandatory