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Colorado does not have a standalone statute or charge dedicated to domestic violence. After all, domestic violence cannot be defined by one single action.


Instead, domestic violence (DV) is a broad term that is separated into a handful of categories. Physical violence is just one type of domestic violence, and is not the only type of DV that is against Colorado law.


In other words, even if


A Washington cop allegedly tracked a woman’s location through GPS monitoring, manipulated her by threatening to commit suicide, threatened to shoot her after a no-contact order was filed against him in mid-February, and more.


After she went to police to describe his actions, Corporal Brooks Owen Laughlin, 33, was arrested and is currently under investigation and awaiting a hearing. There are numerous domestic violence charges that he could


Colorado has a history of aggressively protecting domestic violence victims. From mandatory overnight holding to the serious consequences after a conviction, these laws are meant to crack down on this type of crime.


Earlier this month, Colorado signed another domestic violence law called “No Bail for Stalking and Domestic Violence Offenders.” The name speaks for itself. While Colorado had already denied bail to individuals who have been convicted

In the past year, Denver7 has been investigating how Colorado law enforcement handles domestic violence cases, from the moment a call is made about alleged domestic violence to the moment someone is arrested (or not arrested). Investigators looked at records and rates of arrest throughout different counties in Colorado and reported back with troubling statistics.


The rates at which law enforcement carries out domestic violence arrests vary wildly. When


Last month, a bill that will enact harsher sentences on domestic violence offenders with multiple convictions in Colorado was signed into law.


House Bill 16-1066, a bill called “Concerning An Habitual Domestic Violence Offender” was first introduced in early 2016 and sponsored by state Representative Kit Roupe, a Republican from Colorado Springs. The bill was passed unanimously by the House of Representatives, and was 2 votes away from