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Homes or apartments often are occupied by more than one person. When can an individual consent to a search of a jointly occupied residence? In the past, the Supreme Court has held that any person who is a joint occupant of a residence can consent to a law enforcement search of the shared residence. However, if the co-occupants are both present, and have a disagreement as to whether to let

A question I often get asked by my clients is whether what they wear to court matters.  My answer is always yes, although there are many reasons why I give this answer.


While I certainly do not believe it necessary that all defendants show up in a suit and tie, one does not wish to show up so under-dressed that it can be viewed as a lack of recognition

In some cases, a Judge may order a presentence investigation report prior to imposing a sentence.  In others, either the prosecuting attorney or the defense attorney may order such a report.  In some cases the production of such a report is required by law, and in others, such production is discretionary.


The Law On Presentence Investigation Reports

Subsequent to a defendant being convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, the

One of the most frequent complaints I hear from prospective clients during free consultations is that the police did not read them their rights.  The significance of any such omission may not be as serious as you would think.


There is no blanket rule requiring a police officer to read you your rights, or as they are known in legal terms, Miranda rights.  You are only entitled to a

Given that the Broncos will be competing in the Super Bowl, the Denver Police Department is prepared for the worst case scenario – and that scenario is likely to materialize whether the team wins, as most who live in Colorado hope (and expect) they will, or loses.


The downtown area of Denver will be particularly scrutinized both during and following the game; expect a visible presence of law enforcement