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Everyone knows that criminal convictions can result in consequences such as hefty fines and lengthy prison sentences. But other consequences of conviction can also profoundly affect the life of the convicted individual – as well as that person’s loved ones.


The burdens placed on a convicted criminal can make it difficult for that person to re-enter society and live a productive life as a good citizen. Below we’re


Getting charged with a crime in Denver can be one of the most stressful, confusing, and overwhelming times in your life. But it doesn’t have to be. With the help of an experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney, the chances that your charges will be reduced, dropped, or dismissed will increase greatly.


A criminal lawyer can use their in-depth knowledge of Colorado laws to help in all kinds


Facing criminal charges can be incredibly scary and intimidating, especially if you don’t have any legal representation. Obviously, for every crime allegedly committed, there is also a variety of charges and potential penalties based on the supposed act. What you need to know, as the defendant, is that there are a also number of defenses that you can use to prove your innocence, or to at least decrease the


Unfortunately, even after paying your dues in the eyes of the court, you may still be placed on probation for a crime once committed. In some cases, probation is an incredibly restrictive situation to find yourself in, and one that can be confusing and frustrating all at once. However, it is exponentially better than going to prison or jail.


If you’re having issues keeping with or understanding your


Regardless of the seriousness of the alleged crime, you still have rights if you are arrested, stopped, or being investigated for suspected criminal activity. It’s important to be aware of and take advantage of these rights if you want to protect your future and avoid incriminating yourself.


We’ve explored five potential situations that could occur if you are suspected of a crime, and included guidance on your rights