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When you need to hire a criminal defense attorney, you want to hire the best lawyer to get the best results.


Who, then, will be the best attorney for you and your case?


There are many things to look for when hiring a lawyer. You want to make sure your attorney:


  • Is in good standing with the Colorado State Bar.
  • Has time to devote to your

These days, tensions are high not only throughout the country, but around the world: the voicemail inboxes of elected officials are full, social media has been taken over by passionate discussions about the political actions of the Trump administration, and there are more marches and protesters out on the street than ever before.


The laws of our country give us the right to assemble and freedom of speech. We

Protection orders, also called restraining orders, limit your freedoms and can be emotionally stressful. Restraining orders are often filed by exes or family members and may prohibit defendants from seeing their children, other loved ones – even pets!


Each order is different, but penalties for violating protection orders are serious. So it is important to learn as much as you can about your next steps upon receiving a protection


Except in extremely rare circumstances, criminal defense cases do not go down like they do on television. Still, it’s not uncommon for clients to why things aren’t like they are on Law & Order or The Good Wife. This is just one of many criminal defense myths that lawyers must dispel when working with a new client.


The truth is that navigating criminal law, your rights, and


Back in October, a 14-year-old student at Northfield High School was handcuffed, dragged out of a bathroom, and charged with assault.


Why was Ashanti Mills treated this way? And, why, six months after the incident, was she still facing a resisting arrest charge? Because she wore a headband to school.


The purple bandanna the Denver student wore is supposedly violation of the dress code – though Mills