If you are arrested for DUI, your attorney will most likely want to call into question the credibility of the toxicology lab that tested your blood for its alcohol content, especially if that lab was the state lab in Denver. It seems that a former employee did not follow proper protocol in testing procedures over an extended period of time, and now the accuracy of the lab’s testing procedures has

It’s no secret that our society has become more and more litigious as the years have gone by. Some of this has arisen from an increased awareness of different kinds of abuse, and awareness is a good thing. However, it is also often the case that issues that once would have been dealt with between individuals may now become drawn out lawsuits or could result in criminal charges. One example

A domestic violence charge carries a social stigma with it that can be damaging to a person’s reputation even if they are never convicted. That’s why anyone facing such a charge needs the services of an experienced and competent lawyer before ever entering a Colorado courtroom. Defense attorney Kimberly Diego is a knowledgeable domestic violence lawyer in Colorado who can not only defend you against the criminal charge but can

If you’re like most residents of Denver, the site of red and blue flashing lights in your rearview mirror induces feelings of dread, followed by the realization the whatever the offense you’ve committed, it is probably going to result in costly fines and penalties. However, not all citations for traffic violations have to end up costing you an arm and a leg. With the help of a good Denver traffic

In an effort to curb the number of bikes being stolen in Denver, local police officials and some media outlets have encouraged those who have been the victims of bike theft to see if their bikes are listed for sale on classified websites such as Craigslist. While such efforts may result in the recovery of a stolen bike or two, they may also occasion the need for sellers to contact