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We often see shoplifting portrayed in the media as a “cheap thrill” or a means for teenagers to act out. But as a Denver lawyer who has handled plenty of shoplifting cases, I know that the root causes for this type of crime are rarely so clear cut.


Shoplifting is a much larger and more widespread problem than most people think – last year alone shoplifting all over the

The philosophy of any justice system, at its most basic, is that the punishment should fit the crime.


For example, if someone in Denver was caught stealing a T-shirt from a department store, a rational punishment would be for them to return the jacket, pay a fine, and maybe complete a set number of community service hours. It would be cruel and unusual to send someone to prison for

When Sarah Jackson called police to report that her car had been stolen and was told that it was impounded in connection with a robbery, she never imagined that she would be treated like a suspect – but that’s exactly what happened.


It’s understandable that Denver police are the suspicious types when it comes to theft. Just in the last few months, a man stole a cell phone from

A criminal record is something that follows you forever. It doesn’t matter whether your charge was a misdemeanor or felony, and it doesn’t matter how long ago you were charged with a crime—that record is public and can be viewed by anyone running a criminal background check.


Having a criminal record can be particularly harmful for juvenile offenders, who may face obstacles applying for colleges or jobs due to

A recent survey by the Avon Foundation, an initiative designed to expose and shed light on the realities of domestic violence in the U.S. while increasing education, awareness, and prevention, shows that a staggering 60% of Americans know a victim of domestic violence. The survey, titled No More Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Survey of Attitudes and Experiences of Teens and Adults, was intended to highlight the lack of