Unemployment benefit fraud cases are commonplace, and are charged in Colorado state courts as the felony offenses of Theft and Computer Crime.

This offense occurs when an individual received unemployment benefits to which he or she is not entitled, or otherwise misleads the government in filing for those benefits. One common scenario is where the individual continues to receive unemployment benefits long after securing employment, or fails to disclose some part-time employment that has been secured.

If you have received a letter from the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Integrity Fraud, it is of paramount importance that you contact a Colorado criminal defense attorney immediately to discuss the serious possibility of imminent felony criminal charges.

Your attorney can attempt to negotiate a settlement or repayment plan. In the alternative, should it not be possible to avoid the filing of criminal charges, your defense lawyer can assist you in ensuring an optimal outcome of your case. The more money you can come up with to repay any overpaid benefits, the better the outcome of your case will be. In many situations it can be possible to avoid a criminal conviction, should you not have any criminal history, and have the ability to come up with a large sum pre-plea.

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