You will be advised at sentencing if you are to be required to register as a sex offender. If you are required to register, you must register with the law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction in which you live. Once sentenced, you should contact the law enforcement agency where you will be registering to find out the specifics of that agency’s registration process – that agency will let you know how many times a year you are required to register.

If you fail to comply with registration laws, misdemeanor or even felony charges may be filed against you. When in doubt, register more often than less often because the penalties for failure to register are so severe. If you move away from a jurisdiction, you will be required both to de-register from that address and to register at a new address. Even if you are relocating on a temporary basis or are simply taking a vacation, you must promptly register. Failure to de-register when deregistration is required can also lead to the filing of new charges. Please be aware that some jurisdictions will require you to pay extensive registration fees, while some communities prohibit sex offenders altogether – it is best to investigate registration consequences prior to finalizing any plans to move.

Sex offender registration does not end automatically. Rather, you must continue to register until you are able to successfully petition the court to allow you to deregister.