A conviction for sexual assault on a child can have catastrophic results – ranging from sex offender registration to a lifetime on probation, or even an effective life sentence in prison.

If you are being investigated for sexual assault or have been charged with sex assault, contact a defense attorney immediately to protect your interests; while you might believe that talking to the police is in your best interests so long as you have done nothing wrong, that is not usually the case. Remember, anything you could say to the police without an attorney you can say to the police with the assistance of an attorney, following comprehensive legal counsel.

One commits sexual assault on a child when they subject a child – an individual younger than 15 – to sexual contact, so long as the defendant is at least four years older than the child. Even if the contact is consensual, the contact remains illegal. However, if the child is the adult’s spouse, then the contact does not violate the law.

Sexual assault on a child is a class 4 felony, but becomes a class 3 felony whenever the adult applies force against the child so as to accomplish the sexual contact, or the adult threats the child with injury or pain to accomplish the contact. The offense also is elevated to a class 3 felony whenever it occurs as a part of a pattern of sexual abuse.

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