Whether you are charged with DWAI or DUI, the prosecution must prove that you were “driving” to make their case.

Driving is not specifically defined by any statute, however, a driver is defined as someone who either is driving or is in actual physical control of a vehicle. Actual physical control exists where a person exercises bodily influence or direction over a motor vehicle, a determination made by examining the totality of the circumstances.

Numerous factors can be considered in determining whether or not actual physical control exists: where the vehicle was found, where in the vehicle the person was found, whether or not the motor vehicle was running, and any other factor which tends to indicate that the person exercised bodily influence or direction over a motor vehicle or not based on your every day experience.

Driving does not require any movement of the vehicle. Additionally, it does not matter whether the defendant was alleged to have driven on a public road or highway, on a private road, or on private property.

Should you believe that there may be an issue establishing that you were driving in your case, or whether you were in actual physical control of the vehicle, do not hesitate to contact a Denver DUI Defense Attorney immediately to discuss your case and all applicable possible defenses to that case.