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Being charged with a crime in Colorado is almost always a shock, and most people do not react well to the news. It is typical to feel a complicated combination of emotions – fear, anger, frustration, hopelessness, embarrassment – and many just are not sure what they can do about their situation.


If the evidence is against you, it is possible that you might believe you cannot get out of your charge and are going to have to take whatever punishment the state decides to give you. Alternatively, if you know that you are innocent and that the charges are trumped up, you may think that there is nothing to worry about and that justice will prevail. In reality, neither thing is true.


Denver defense attorney Kimberly Diego knows this from her years of experience helping people just like you. She has seen people in “hopeless” positions have their charges completely dropped because their rights were violated or the prosecution simply could not find a way to ultimately get the conviction. And, unfortunately, she has watched as those who believe themselves to be innocent neglect to fight because they just know the “truth” will come out – right up to the point where they are convicted and incarcerated.


The only real way to understand the legal complexities of your case and ensure that you are giving yourself the best possible chance of receiving a positive outcome is to get a knowledgeable, experienced criminal attorney to look over the facts and evidence and tell you where you stand. That is why she offers a free case review to all prospective clients. Simply fill out the form below and someone from the Law Office of Kimberly Diego will contact you promptly to discuss your case and potential defense strategies that might help you.




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